Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rodeo IS Animal Cruelty: Photos

Anonymous photographs and comments  reported from the Western National Stock Show Rodeo on the weekend of Jan 14th, 2012. A sickening mix of laughter and relentless torture fill the Denver Coliseum each January.

4 cows stuck in a triangle-shaped corridor
that was hardly big enough to fit 1 cow inside!!!

This guy was hurting this poor baby, kicking him,
pulling his tail and hitting him into his head!

Cow's head got stuck between doors for
about 5min before anyone noticed... ow.

Horrified baby cow, waiting his turn for terror.

Poor baby Moo. Waiting his turn for hours
with no water, no food, and no space!

She cried and cried, and they just laughed and clapped!

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